About Us

ICON is a blockchain project from South Korea with the goal of Hyperconnecting the World and is doing so by creating communities of Public Representatives (P-Reps) around the world to expand the network by creating Dapps that runs inside the network, connecting blockchains, and reaching out to communities around the world to teach them and spread awareness of the project.

Espanicon is a team focused on breaking the Spanish language barrier to increase the reach of the ICON project to 400 million more people in the Spanish speaking communities of the world and we do this by collaborating with other teams to translate and create content in Spanish.

Our Projects

As a P-Rep Team dedicated on breaking the Spanish language barrier we are constantly in communications with several P-Rep teams working on different kind of projects on the ICON network, be it DApps development, media content creation, marketing or community outreach we are dedicated to collaborate to translate projects into Spanish and create content in Spanish.

Currently we have ongoing collaboration projects with several amazing teams like Ubik, Mineable and ICXComics.

The collaboration work with these teams is ongoing as they are constantly creating new content and we continuously translate and publish it every week.

We also had the pleasure to collaborate with ICONation. They are a development focused P-Rep team with many applications ranging from wallets to block explorers, games and so much more.

With ICONation we had the opportunity to collaborate on a development standpoint by submitting the internal code to allow their open source Desktop wallet Svallin to be multi-language and to translate it into Spanish.

For a more detailed and updated list of all our work as a P-Rep go to the following page.

We are also constantly searching for new teams to collaborate with, if you are a part of a P-Rep team and you are interested in having your content reach 400 million more people across the world, please contact us. We would be very happy to collaborate with you!.