"everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.."

Do you know where that quote comes from?, Is just one off the greatest TV shows in history (taking my bias into account, of course). Espanicon history is not as interesting as Avatar but if you are interested in knowing you are welcome to continue reading!.

The Espanicon project started in Q1 of 2020, but we have been a part of the ICON ecosystem since almost their beginnings.

The initial goal was to simply run a validator node and help with the decentralization of the ICON Network, but it quickly transformed into a collaboration project that grew more than anything I ever imagined blowing past any crazy expectation I had at the beginning.

Since 2020 I've had the opportunity of collaborating with many awesome projects, and continue to look forward to all the surprises that comes with being a part of the ICON ecosystem. If you like Espanicon and want to support this project you can do so by delegating your staked ICX into the Espanicon validator node, we really appreciate your support!.